As a student at innogy Consulting, you can experience the evolution of the energy sector up close and personal. You will be a fully fledged member of one of our project teams from day one and can take on initial responsibility of your own – be it with an internship, working student job or in a graduate position.

Renewable energy, grid and infrastructure or overseas sales: at innogy Consulting, you can experience the evolution of the energy sector up close and personal and play your part in shaping it for the future. And at the same time you can benefit from many good prospects for your personal career path. Graduate jobs are not the only pathway for direct entry to our consultant jobs. This is also possible before completion of your degree on an internship.

Who we are looking for

Are you passionate about the energy industry? And want to get an exciting insight into everyday consulting? Then innogy Consulting is right for you. We offer you a challenging working environment with the chance of shouldering initial responsibility of your own as a fully fledged member of one of our project teams. In the scope of an internship at innogy Consulting as your personal entry point into the energy sector, you will experience the evolution of the industry up close and personal. You too will play a role in helping innogy, RWE and other customers orient their businesses as optimally as possible to be in line with the energy sector of tomorrow.

Your duties
You come up with strategies in a team and analyse matters relating to energy economics and management for customers. Your duties also encompass the development of analyses and action recommendations as well as the creation of presentations for management. As an intern at innogy Consulting you will take part in customer meetings and join in on workshops.

Your profile
It is our job to accompany our customers in strategic matters with flexibility, innovation and creativity. To do so, we are looking for engaged individuals that stand out thanks to their analytical expertise. Initial practical experience in consulting or in a corporate environment plus very good German and English skills are required to get started at innogy Consulting. If you also have academic or practical experience overseas and are willing to travel for work, then we have some exciting duties ready and waiting for you.


What does a consultant actually do exactly? You can find out the answer to that question first hand with one of our internships and get to know the many facets of consulting.

Field of activity: We offer internships to get to know the consulting profession in the field of internal consulting in our Practice General Management department.

Duration: An internship generally lasts 3–4 months, but at least 8 weeks. This always commences on the first day of a given month.

Structure: The internship begins with a three-day onboarding phase. This is followed by direct entry into a project team, where you will be in contact with customers from the first day. Here, you will assume responsibility for duties of your own. You will receive structured feedback both during and after the internship. Additionally, you will take part in consulting training sessions (as far as this is possible time-wise).

Chances after the internship: It is possible to be taken on as a Consultant at innogy Consulting after completion of your internship. For this, you are required to take part in the assessment centre recruitment stage for us to gauge your potential.

University thesis: Everyone who has successfully completed an internship can in theory write a thesis with us. However, interns have to find their topic and supervisor themselves.


Would you like to find out more about our company? You can find information about our projects, the application process and the entrance opportunities at innogy Consulting here. Do you still have any questions? Our experts will be happy to advise you on all entrance opportunities for students at innogy Consulting.

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