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A big company like innogy offers big opportunities. Regardless of whether you have a bachelor or master’s degree or if you are currently working on your thesis in engineering, law or business – graduates from nearly all disciplines will find exciting and promising positions at innogy. You can start as a trainee or kick off your career as a direct entrant. Please click here to view our current vacancies.

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Max Küsters, Consultant
At innogy Consulting I experience the steep learning curve of a top consultancy and gain a holistic overview on a multinational company. I especially like to be close to the rapid changes in the energy sector and see how our solutions contribute to the success of our clients – beyond implementation. Above all, the open and positive attitude of the colleagues here at innogy Consulting makes this a great place to work.

Angelo Csuti, CONSULTANT
Currently I am staffed on a project in Dubai. Working in Dubai is a real mind changer! I get to meet a lot of international people and develop my skill set by approaching challenging tasks on a daily basis.

Carlotta von Maltzahn, Consultant
After my studies in Politics and Business, I was looking for a job that could combine my two interests. At innogy Consulting I found a position that grants me the opportunity to get to know an industry that is highly influenced by the public sector. Next to that I also found a great working atmosphere with great colleagues and lots of training opportunities.

Milan Dolezal, CONSULTANT
Since starting my job at innogy Consulting one year ago I have participated in many different projects – from operational improvements in B2B and B2C sectors to concern-wide management development initiative. I deeply enjoy the diversity of my assignments – I never get bored in my work and on top of that I regularly meet many inspiring people from all over Europe.

Lars Beke, Consultant
innogy Consulting allows me to contribute to the energy transition by supporting our clients in this exciting time. Working on a diversity of projects, being challenged and continuously developing myself by working with highly motivated colleagues is what I have found at innogy Consulting. The widespread available knowledge on management- and energy-related topics make this a perfect opportunity to grow in my career

Graduate application process

Online application

You can now apply for jobs online through the innogy Consulting career portal. You will need to submit a compelling cover letter and your curriculum vitae. Please also include all of your documents and certificates. We will contact you as soon as possible once we have received all of your documents. The overall impression is important in our analysis of your application.

Apply here 5 minutes

Online analytical test

If you have impressed us with your documents, we will invite you to take an online analytical test. In this approx. 45-minute assessment, we will test your analytical skills, which are of fundamental importance for any successful consultant.

45 minutes

third step.
Telephone interview

We would then like to get to know you better through a telephone interview. We will ask you questions about your CV and your achievements in the academic and business environments. This will also give us a first impression of your interpersonal skills.


fourth step.
Assessment Center

The impression from the phone interview was positive, we will invite you to a one-day Assessment Center at our headquarters in Essen. This will give you the opportunity to present yourself through an interview, case studies and role plays. We would like to see you in different situations so that we can get a holistic picture of you over the course of the day. The situations reflect typical consultant tasks, issues and working methods. You will receive detailed feedback at the end of the day.

3 core topics

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1 day

Final discussion

Following successful completion of the Assessment Center, there is virtually nothing standing in your way. A discussion with a member of our management team will seal the job offer.

Onboarding/ Mentoring

Welcome to innogy Consulting – it’s great to have you on board. Our three-day onboarding session will give you an initial overview of the company. We will also provide you with all the information you will need to get started in your new environment.


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Nina Korte

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